Nyeari uses references, from ancient to modernist, as stepping-stones towards contemporary sensibilities. With a hip vibe our artisan-crafted pieces are not bound by convention. Nyeari focuses on art jewelry as sculptural objects, clever and tantalizing, that feel as good in the hand as around the neck.


Sarkis Chouljian

Who we are

Sheko Kirby and Sarkis Chouljian were drawn together through a mutual admiration of ancient relics combined with unconventional jewelry design.  Sheko had been working as a sculptor for 15 years and Sarkis had been an artisan for over 25 years. It was a natural fit for the two to work together. to create art jewelry and so they founded Nyeari in Spring of 2015. Together they design and craft the Nyeari Collection. 

Our studio

Located in Manhattan, our studio is where we conceptualized and conceived the Nyeari collection. It's fully equipped with state of the art tools and contains an array of beautiful stones and metals, suitable for our exceptional jewelry designs. We welcome you to schedule a visit to our studio and to view our jewelry at any one of the upcoming events that we have been selected to participate in. 

Sheko Kirby

custom jewelry

Looking for a custom design fit for your style? Let us work with you to create something you will cherish now and for years to come. A unique design, also makes for a great holiday, birthday, or simply, "just because" gift. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.