Nyeari uses references, from ancient to modernist, as stepping-stones towards contemporary sensibilities. With a hip vibe our artisan-crafted pieces are not bound by convention. Nyeari focuses on art jewelry as sculptural objects, clever and tantalizing, that feel as good in the hand as around the neck.


Sarkis Chouljian

Who we are

Drawn together through a mutual admiration of timeless artifacts and a passion for the unconventional, our work is born from a collective endeavor where each piece is designed and handcrafted by both of us. Sheko has a Masters degree in Fine Arts and has exhibited internationally for over 15 years. Sarkis, a classically trained jeweler, has worked for 20 years with prestigious design houses.

Our studio

The Studio in Santa Fe is where we conceptualize and conceive our unique collections. Each piece begins with a concept, then a series of sketches that go back and forth, until the functional drawing emerges. The sculptural elements are then hand carved using traditional processes that date back to the first civilizations in the Near East. Schedule a visit to our studio or to view our art jewelry pieces at any one of the upcoming Events

Sheko Kirby

custom jewelry

Customizing jewelry is not only fulfilling but fun! Working with us can open up options previously thought inconceivable, and you can watch your dream design materialize. Let us work with you to create something you will cherish now and for years to come. Walk away with a one of a kind piece of jewelry that expresses your style. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.